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 Meet The Moderators

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PostSubject: Meet The Moderators   Meet The Moderators Icon_minitimeTue Feb 07, 2012 12:04 pm

My name is Snake (Not really, its Trae)

I am a fish fanatic, my whole life is about fish and I love fish!
i'm 26 soon to be 27, i'm a sue chef at the Marriot hotel, i'm also a computer guy and a website designer.

(More info about me will come, gotta rush)
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fishy friend2

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PostSubject: Re: Meet The Moderators   Meet The Moderators Icon_minitimeTue Feb 07, 2012 12:26 pm

forum name - fishy friend2
real name - .......................
state/ or city - central texas
I moderate...... - bettas, gouramis, other aquatic animals, staff room, livebearers, planted section and schooling fish
interests - the shooting range, collecting native fish for new central texas biotopes, family/friends, gardening.
favorite fish - bettas, small species of gouramis, and small coryordras
favorite fish store to visit - the austin Aquadome
what i love about fishkeeping - its just so fun, and all the different species of fish just really interest me
tanks - i have 3 tanks, a 15 gallon, a 5 gallon, and a 16 gallon. and i keep platies, danios, guppies, bettas, ghost shrimp, ramshorn snails, bladder snails, neon tetras, pygmy cories, kuhli loaches, wild guppies and endlers. all tanks are planted
number of years in the hobby - just 1
what youve accomplished over the years - having plants in my tanks, and successfully keeping them alive
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Meet The Moderators
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