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 Oddball Fish Care Sheets

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PostSubject: Oddball Fish Care Sheets   Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:22 am

This thread will provide care sheets for most oddball fish. Any suggestions to improve these are sheets are welcome, and I hope that members will benefit from the information provided here

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Posts : 44
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PostSubject: Senegal Bichir Care Sheet   Mon Feb 06, 2012 12:03 pm

Subject: Senegal Bichir Care Sheet

Senegal Bichirs:
Family: Polpypterus
Size: 12 Inches (Normally 8-9)
Fish Origin: Africa
Water: Adaptable to all water conditions, likes pH 7.0-7.6. *Avoid High Nitrates*
Temp: 23-30 C
Feeding: Their primary diet should consist of carnivorous pellets, loves blood worm, brine shrimp, small fish.
Sexing: Males have an anal pocket
Breeding: Can be achieved, not easy.
Aquarium size: 3FT minimum

Senegal Bichirs are a smaller species.
They will appreciate a well decorated tank with lots of bogwood, this fish is nocturnal but will happily come out in the day and eat.
Unlike other bichirs that mainly bottom dwell, they swim in open water aswell.
These fish will eat smaller tankmates, when the light turns out - they turn into amazing predators.
These fish will appreciate a lot of swimming space.
This fish loves to jump out of aquariums, make your you have a tight fitted lid.
Senegal Bichirs come up to the surface to get air as they have a lung, make sure surface access is available.
These fish should not really be housed with large aggressive cichlids such as umbees and doviis.
They cannot see to good so feeding at night time is best.

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Oddball Fish Care Sheets
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